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These are all items which can be used for BDSM play. Some basic use guidelines, ideas and cautions are included with each. Remember to play safe.

This page is still very much a work in progress, and has many broken links as well as poor orginization. Anything which says Not Done isn't, and doesn't yet exist.

Everyday Items Slightly more Esoteric Real BDSM Toys
Toothpaste Miniblind Rods Riding Crops
Willow switches Clothespins Bull-whips
Ice Candles Handcuffs
Futons Licorice Bondage Cuffs
Pop-rocks Fuzzy Dusters Floggers
Tapes (painters and duct) Not done Cinnamon oil Violet Wands
Raw Rice gravel and kitty litter (for kneeling on) Not done Rope Nipple clamps
BengayNot done Spreader BarsNot done
Scissors (hair removal)Not done Collars
Blindfolds Suspension CuffsNot done
Wurtenburg Wheels

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